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January 2020 - What Happened To The Scales?

January 15th 2020


So after having 3 weeks off over Christmas and New Year ( Iv never had 3 weeks off before at Christmas and to be honest probably wouldn’t do it again ) I went back to the gym with a lot of energy to get back into my training (not so much motivation as that’s always tough with time off). It felt good to get back to the weights, however I did not feel so good going back to Ice Hockey as I felt like I put on about 10 Stone trying to skate about at the speed I was used to before the ‘Christmas Feast’.

So Im currently weighing 88.9kg! :O

I want to get down to about 83kg or 84kg and I will be mixing up my training now with a lot more HIIT with weights and a lot more cardio on the rowing machine and treadmill.

The gym ( Origins Fitness ) had a rowing challenge on the board to complete.

Challenge was to Row 1000m as fast as you can, my time was 3 mins 40 secs, so I have got a target now that I can try to beat on that for next couple weeks at least.

Will also be cutting all the crap out my diet such as the full tub of quality street I ate all to myself one night, a box of matchmakers for breakfast one morning, the rest of the tub of Lindor balls with my coffee, numerous tubs of Pringles, umpteen packs of crisps and all the other crap you eat over Christmas that I wouldn’t even look at in the supermarket any day of the week.

Safe to say I just took the piss over Christmas and used the excuse of ‘I will burn it all off when I go back to the gym in the New Year’ and all that nonsense!

Anyways I just thought I would make this wee blog to let yous know that even Personal Trainers are normal people and eat rubbish at times too.

However I am 100% going to shift the Christmas weight and get myself back to a healthy and athletic weight for ice hockey before April.

I will keep you posted with updates.

#We are all in it together

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Alan Smith

Alan Smith

Alan is the lead coach and personal training expert at Speedyfitness and is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer.

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