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Being an active Ice hockey player and training in martial arts I know first hand that staying fit and healthy is vital to success in competition. I have been training in gyms since my high school days. I pursued what started as a hobby to become a Level 3 Personal Trainer and started Speedy Fitness in 2016.

Fitness has its benefits not only in sport but also in everyday life. If you can spend the time required in the gym to improve your body and health then you will without a doubt feel the benefits. At Speedy Fitness we encourage all levels of fitness to give us a try. The hardest part about the gym is getting there. Don't think for a second that you cant go to the gym because your not 'fit enough' or you 'dont know what your doing' We pride ourselves in training our clients and teaching them along the way on how to plan workouts and eventually be confident enough to be able to go to the gym on your own with ready made workouts to complete.

From increasing size, strength and reaction time for ice hockey to increasing flexibility and movement for martial arts, I understand the importance of all forms of training. Recovery from training is also vital to improve fitness and is sometimes overlooked by many.

At Speedy Fitness we encourage everyone to try different forms of training and we can help build a personal workout plan tailored to suite each client.

‚Äč- Alan Smith (Level 3 Personal Trainer)

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