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Crackin Boxfit Class, made really welcome by Alan and lots of encouragement... Already looking forward to next week.

Hazel Power

Been attending Alan's classes for a good few months now, progression with persuasion from Alan has made a huge difference, both classes Speedy Burn and BoxFit are different but hugely effective working different areas, get yourselves along to Speedy Burn Tuesdays 6pm-6.30pm, Boxfit Wednesdays 6pm-7pm and you'll see a difference in body shape and strength

Angela Hogg

Alan is an amazing trainer. He has that magical way of making you want to push yourself to your limits and beyond without shouting or any negativity. My fitness has gone from zero (zero fitness and zero interest) to much higher than I thought possible and the buzz I get from our workouts is something I've never had before. 
If you want a trainer who will take you beyond a treadmill and show you that you are capable of way more than you ever believed then Alan at Speedy Fitness is the man for you! Cannot recommend enough!!

Jenni Mack

Only been going to Alan for a few weeks on the recommendation of a family member, attend speedy burn & box-fit both great classes and Alan’s style of training/ knowledge has been really beneficial to me,seeing differences in my shape and fitness already looking forward to more!x

Cerys Hogg

I've recently moved back to Scotland and rejoined my previous ice hockey team. The improvement in fitness/strength throughout the team is remarkable and after 2 sessions of circuit training with Alan I can see why.....I've got a lot of catching up to do! Top guy too!

Ross McCaig

Alan's been taking my hockey team for off-ice training over the last year and we can all see massive improvements in our strength and fitness every single week. He's patient, informative and always motivates us to push that extra mile.

Paul Daly

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