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Journey Continues

The Journey Continues

So my rib has all healed up and I have went back to lifting weights again. I’m not going to lie…..I haven’t even been back on a treadmill probably since the end of January K.

Now don’t get me wrong my current weight is 12.12stone (81.6kg) and it would probably be a lot less if I had kept up my running regime. I also have fallen of the healthy diet slightly by having a few McDonalds at the weekends and also eating some crap biscuits and sweets now and again. Hopefully people can see this as an example that we are all the same when it comes to trying to eat ‘healthy’ and its just as difficult for me as it is for you.

However one thing I have been doing quite well if I do say so myself is Intermittent Fasting. I’m not an expert by any means when it comes to this, nor am I a dietician but I can definitely attribute some of my weight loss to this. Now whether it is just an easier way for me to stick to a lower calorie intake during each day or the benefits of intermittent fasting which I have read about are true Iv no idea. Basically I have been doing 16/8 fasting which means, 16 hour fast and 8 hours to eat, so once I have my dinner at 8pm I then don’t eat anything else until 12pm the next day (16 hours Fast) , I drink water or black coffee or green tea during this fasting window and then I usually have a big lunch to break my fast. Now I do feel like I have unintentionally cut out a lot of bread as I’m not having toast etc in the mornings anymore, I feel this has been a contributing factor to my weight loss aswell. I haven’t lost any strength in the gym and I definitely feel a lot better and still have the same amount of energy if not more.

I still have a few pounds left to shift now for April as the ice hockey tournament is on the 13th & 14th. I will get myself back onto the treadmill and also start using the AirBike the gym has just got in :O that’s going to be a killer workout but it is all going to be worth it when I hit my goal weight of 12.4stone (79kg)

I will keep yous all posted. But just remember losing weight is a long term thing, we cant shift too much weight too soon or believe it or not it will all come piling back on before you know it.

The best tactic is to set short term goals to hit along the way towards your long term goals. Give yourself a pat on the back every now and again. Your only competition when it comes to losing weight should always be yourself. Don’t ever compare yourself to other people and ask how they can lose weight so much quicker than you can. You have no idea what they are doing for it, how many hours a day they work out or if they are starving themselves on some crazy soup diet etc

Just focus on YOU


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Alan Smith

Alan Smith

Alan is the lead coach and personal training expert at Speedyfitness and is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer.

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