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Journey Continues

The Journey Continues So my rib has all healed up and I have went back to lifting weights again. I’m not going to lie…..I haven’t even been back on a treadmill probably since the end of January K. Now don’t get me wrong my current weight is 12.12stone (81.6kg) and it would probably be a lot less if I had kept up my running regime. I also have fallen of the healthy diet slight ...

Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Journey Its Friday! Woohoo! Its been a tough few weeks trying to get through being back at work and sticking with my current training plan. My weight coming into the New Year was 13.9 stone (88.2kg) with my target weight to reach in April being 12.4 stone (79kg). Now to achieve this goal of weight loss my plan was to mix up my training with more Cardio and change ...

Make this year count

Back to work :(  Its the dreaded Monday after a long two week break over Christmas and New Year when you lose track of time and days and think its suitable to have some left over chocolates for breakfast and stay in your jammies all day not even having to step foot outside apart from emptying the bins full of all the left over sweetie wrappers and bottles of booze you have bee ...

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